with Instructor

Christyn Rittenhouse


Barefoot classes - layered learning:    

Knight/Rittenhouse Fijian massage 8 CE hours $210

Fijian Massage (traditional) • 16 CE hours • $425 

Fijian Oil Massage • 16 CE hours • $425

Fijian Upper Body Specific • 6 CE hours •  $160

Fijian Lower Body Specific • 6 CE hours $160

Fijian Fusion • 8 CE • $210 

Non barefoot classes:
(Polynesian) Foot Ritual: 3 CE $110 

Chinese Facial Fusion: 7 CE $185 

Please see class descriptions and videos below

**Early registration not applicable at all locations

Christyn Rittenhouse
Certified Fijian Massage Instructor, LMT, Esthetician
NCBTMB approved #307802-00

Save your hands – use your feet! Learn the art of barefoot massage. 

Class information and where to begin: 

Often those new to Fijian massage ask 'which class should I take first?' Below is a quick guide to help you make the best decision for you and your practice.  As we evolve in our practice of teaching it has become apparent that the best way for therapists to incorporate such a new modality using a whole new tool (the foot/feet!) is to do it in 'layered learning'.  Working your way through the various classes so you develop your skills and confidence with your feet.

Phase 1 - Knight/Rittenhouse Fijian Massage 

While this is not a *required prerequisite* for any class it is highly recommended if you have no barefoot experience.  This may also be taken after Phase 2 classes as a refresher.

Phase 2 

Fijian (tradiitonal)

Fijian Oil

Phase 3 

Fijian Upper Body *prerequisite: at lease one class in the Phase 2 section

Fijian Lower Body * prerequisite: completed ​both classes in Phase 2

Fijian Fusion *prerequisite: completed both classes in Phase 2

Advanced Fijian  * prerequisite Fijian Oil and Fijian (traditional) plus one year experience of Fijian work

** special considerations for those who have  2-3 years of other types of barefoot experience (for example, Ashiatsu).   Discretion left up to the instructor. 

In all classes you will learn Fijian Massage history, benefits, contraindications, hygiene, floor etiquette, floor set up and padding options, the 9 parts of the foot, body positioning, timing, marketing, and of course techniques. Classes include lecture and discussion, however, the majority of time spent is 'feet on'. Working with partners both giving and receiving, you will receive A LOT of work. Each student will be given the chance to experience and give Fijian massage with instructor. If you have contraindications (osteoporosis, phlebitis, varicose veins, etc.) or are pregnant you may still take this course but will not be able to receive. In such an event a model will be required.
** Special note - class price may vary slightly depending on location

Phase One

Knight/Rittenhouse Fijian Massage 8 CE hours $210

Not quite ready to jump in with both feet?  Think of this as a great introduction to the foundations of Fijian massage or as a way to brush up on your skills once you've taken Fijian traditional or Fijian Oil classes.  While Lolita Knight, founder of Fijian massage, brought tradition (no oil) techniques to the west from Fijian, Christyn Rittenhouse - inspired by these moves added/created Fijian oil (and other) techniques, for a well rounded modality filled with creativity and versatility.  Full body - prone and supine techniques learned in this class.  Enough to get you started but not too much so as to overwhelm you.  This is a great way to get used to your new tool and get your feet on some bodies.  Also, a great way to see if you want to proceed further and to help you decide which class to take next. 

Phase Two

Fijian Massage (traditional) • 16 CE hours • $425
In this class no oil or lotion is used. Students will learn (traditional-dry) Fijian Massage by – both giving and receiving. Fijian Massage is a moderate to very deep compression and friction massage using body weight, leverage, and gravity for deep tissue connection which causes a very quick endorphin release. No walking on the client is EVER done, two footed techniques are only giving while the therapist is sitting down. Techniques will be taught prone, supine, and sidelying on the following body parts: back, gluts, legs, feet, hands, arms, abdomen, chest, shoulders and neck. In this class all techniques are done through clothing (but can be done with client draped, on dry skin). 

Fijian Oil Massage • 16 CE hours • $425

In this 16 hour class the student will learn how Fijian Massage has evolved to include oil/lotion using smooth effleurage like movements with the feet that will lull your client into deep amazing relaxation. This will feel like a very deep Swedish massage, only coving a wider area that can only be done with the broad surface of feet. Get amazing depth with minimal effort. Students will learn benefits, cautions/contraindications, history, foot hygiene, floor etiquette, and techniques. Massage techniques will be taught prone and supine on the following body parts: back, gluts, legs, feet, hands, arms, abdomen, chest, shoulders and neck. While no massage is effortless, all techniques were designed to be wonderfully effective while being as easy as possible to the therapist. Much of this massage is done while therapist is seated.

Phase Three

Fijian Upper Body Specific • 6 CE hours • $160 
The focus of this class is on upper body - neck, shoulders, upper back, and chest to address pain and problems associated with forward head posture and rounded shoulders. You will learn pin and stretch techniques, Fijian techniques that will address these specific areas, stretches, and how to to talk to your client about how their posture contributes to their pain and how to change that. Get results fast with this more focused routine. A therapists that can help relieve pain is a busy therapist. Prerequisite for this class is a minimum of 2 years general experience or Fijian (traditional) Massage class.

Fijian Lower Body Specific • 6 CE TM • $160
The focus of this barefoot massage class is on lower body - gluteals, abdomen, and legs, to address pain and problems associated with this area such as sciatica, low back pain, sprained ankles, anterior compartment syndrome, and shin splints. Fijian techniques incorporated with pin and stretch and body mobilization techniques will address specific muscles such as QL, psoas, piriformis, tibialis anterior, and more. Get results fast with this focused routine. A therapist that can help relieve pain is a busy therapist.

Fijian Fusion • 8 CE • $210
Once you've taken Fijian Massage and Fijian Oil Massage and have some experience with barefoot techniques this class will show you how to integrate the two for a massage like no other. Tradition (dry) techniques are applied first, then the Fijian Oil techniques after for a beneficial full body massage that is both therapeutic and deeply relaxing. The majority of these techniques are applied while the therapist is sitting in a chair making it easy for the therapist, possible to use two feet, all while still delivering an amazingly deep massage for your client. In addition, by the end of class you'll have some new tools to add to your 'barefoot massage belt'.

Advanced Fijian 6 CE $160

This advanced class is perfect for the therapist who just needs more Fijian barefoot massage! After you've taken the two day Fijian Oil Massage AND Fijian (traditional) plus minimum of one year Fijian experience , this class will show you more advanced techniques to add to your routine. Each body area: back, abs, gluts, legs, chest and neck will include new moves to delight your client and keep you on your toes.

What's the difference between Fijian and Ashiatsu?

This is a common question.  While there are pros and cons to both modalities, we are of the strong belief that all barefoot training (in various modalities - more listed below) is helpful to your career. The more tools in your tool box as well as barefoot experience, the easier, more interesting, and well rounded you practice will be.  Some, such as myself, find that working on the floor and being able to be seated to be the easiest on the therapist's body.  While other's find that being on a 'regular table' works best for them and their clientele.  Hopefully, this list below will help you find the modality that is right for you.

Preformed on the floor (on comfortable heated mats)
Completely hands free
Primarily done with the therapists seated
Given with the clients in prone, supine, and sidelying (sidelying taught in Phase 2 two day Fijian class as part of the basic routine)
Can be done with or without oil (traditionally no oil is used)
Overhead *bars* are not traditionally used in Fijian, however some therapists find they are helpful for balance

Preformed on a massage table with the therapist standing on the table with the client with the use of overhead bars
While the massage is done completely with feet, you must use your hands to hold onto the overhead bars at all time (other than the beginning seated routine)
Primarily done with the therapist standing 
Given in prone, supine, and sidelying (sidelying generally taught in advanced classes)
While the *amma* technique and Ashi-Thai are given without oil, Ashiatsu was designed to use oil in the majority of techniques
Overhead bars are essential in order to do Ashiatsu

Other types of barefoot modalities:
Chavutti Thermal
Barefoot Thai
Heeling Massage

Non-barefoot classes

Foot Ritual Massage (AKA Polynesian Foot Ritual) : 3 CE $110
Feel the tension and stress melt away as your feet soak in a warm bath laced with herbal tea, salts, and essential oils. Grounding rituals and massage techniques help to dispel negative energy.
Feet are our foundation for the entire body and also of our well being. When your feet hurt, so does the whole rest of your body. The Polynesians believe you collect negative energy at the feet, especially when traveling. Feet are often overlooked but caring for them can lighten your perspective and bring great benefits to your health.

** Inspired by Polynesian and other foot rituals around the world

In this class you will learn and receive these steps to this luxurious and relaxing treatment.
  * Aromatic warm neck wrap
  *  Neck and shoulder massage seated chair routine (done while soaking),                                                           including grounding ritual

 *The essentials for a decadent foot soak – salts, essential oils, and herbal tea                                                 *Learn the magic and medicinal properties of herbs
 *Make your own blend of herbal tea
 *Exfoliting sugar scrub
 *Detailed foot massage

Chinese Facial Fusion: 7 CE $185 ​             Where the mind goes, qi follows

We carry so much tension in our face. This treatment will focus on face, scalp, neck, shoulder and decollete offering relief as well as relaxation.

In this class you will learn:
*Detailed facial massage (dry manipulations – no oil/lotion)
* Luxurious massage techniques done with moisturizing gel, cream or oil,
* Acupressure
* Stimulating honey bee pat and hot towel wrap.

Not only is this massage extremely relaxing, it will also help with TMJ syndrome, headaches, and dry and sagging skin. As an add on to your existing massage or as a separate treatment all on it's own, your clients will love this new service you'll be able to offer.

All techniques were created for maximum results with minimum strain on the therapist. 

 What clients are saying: 'That's the most amazing thing I've ever had happen to my face!'

What other therapists say about this class: 'The instructor was always patient and takes time to answer all questions.' ' I loved having something new and different to offer'

'I learned VERY useful new skills'